Keno Online For Real Money At Jumba Bet

Keno online is a fun lottery-style game that leaves winning to you and your favorite numbers.  The easy-to-play game is more fun at a casino that pays well, and we take you through why playing Jumba Bet will be good for your pocket and bankroll!

Starting Your Online Keno Journey With Us

Getting started is easy. If you have an account with a casino that offers Keno, then you are 10 steps ahead of your competitors. If not, sign up to jube bet RIGHT NOW. Then make a deposit and follow these easy steps

  • On your Keno board you will find numbers 1 to 80. Choose up to 20 numbers.
  • Decide how much you want to bet and adjust the bet amount on screen.
  • Choose the number of games you want to play.
  • Hit the play button
  • Get paid out according to the paytable and play Keno online again

These are the basic rules of how to play Keno online that could be altered according to the variation that you are playing. If you have a knack for choosing winning numbers, then Keno is the game for you. You can play these amazing Keno games right here Jumba Bet

  • Captain Keno
  • Powerball Keno
  • Super Keno
  • Keno

The payout for each game will also differ. We will use our Super Keno game as an example. You can choose up to 10 numbers. if you choose 10 numbers you will get paid if you match 5 or more numbers. where 5 numbers pay 2x and 10 numbers would play 2000x.

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Online Keno Vs Bingo: What’s the difference?

Both Keno and bingo are games of chance and therefore they are also mistaken to be the same. However, there are some distance differences between the two games.

Sure, they both are games of chance where balls are drawn to get a final random of the game. Here are the main differences between the two games.

The Tickets and Numbers

The online Keno game is a lot like the lottery where you must pick one up to 20 numbers on a card and win. Your numbers must match those that are being drawn from the wheel. With bingo, the card has random numbers on it, and you must check out the numbers that match the ones being called out. Once your checked-out numbers form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line you win.

Placing Bet

In bingo, the bet that you will place is the cost of the bingo card.  In Keno games, you get to choose your wager amount and the number of times you want to place, and the number of draws you want to take part with that bet amount.  

Odds of Keno and Bingo

The odds of hitting all 20 numbers in Keno are near impossible, for instance, If you bet on 10 numbers the odds of hitting all 10 numbers is 1 in 1,911,712. With bingo, the odds of winning are calculated by looking at the number of balls drawn as well as the number of bingo cards in play.

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Start Playing Online Keno Today

If you always have luck on your side, Jumba Bet Keno games are made for you. You can play Keno online for real money right now. You will win real money and we have the best bonuses to help you along your journey. JOIN US TODAY.